Our mission is to Actively Contribute to the success of our clients. We implement this in several ways:

  • Taking the time to understand your business goals.
  • Having the initiative to research and suggest new technology that will meet your goals.
  • Going the extra mile when canned solutions don’t meet your needs.
  • Maintaining our expertise through regular training and certification.
  • Employing an organized approach to engagements that ensures focus on priorities.
  • Being flexible in working with your employees, vendors, consultants and others to arrive at the most cost effective solutions.
  • Assisting your organization with changes that are necessary.

The typical Strategic Business Solutions client is a small or medium sized organization that cannot justify hiring a full-time Information Technology (IT) professional. Some clients do have IT personnel, but they prefer to use someone with accounting or applications knowledge. Hiring a consultant enables these clients to get the most for their money. They only pay as services are needed and they do not incur the overhead associated with employees.